Mafalda F. Mascarenhas

About me

Hello, my name is Mafalda (Mafalda F. Mascarenhas) and I am a PhD student in Social Psychology. I have a Master in Social Psychology and a specialization in Neuroscience. To spice it all up I love data and statistics and I have a big interest in data visualization.

I am currently a LiSP PhD student at the University of Lisbon, supervised by Prof. Jorge Vala and Dr. Rui Costa-Lopes from the Institute of Social Sciences – University of Lisbon, and Dr. Lasana Harris from University College London.

I have been doing research (on different levels) for almost 7 years. I started as an undergrad, then did research for my master, and I am now pursuing a PhD. I love doing research and I wanted to share with other people how is the daily life of a researcher, namely a researcher in Social Sciences.

I am also working on the project From identity leadership to work commitment. How this relationship is moderated-mediated by participation in decision-making and collective efficacy? (Junior Researcher Programme).

I’m in love with the ocean and that is my favorite place to recharge. I also love to travel (in the last 10 years I have been to 27 countries). Some were part of my academic journey and I hope life in academia will continue to be one more reason to explore the world for the years to come.

Mind Researcher Diary

Mind Researcher Diary aims to bring tips about research and career for young researchers and scientific literacy content (mostly focused on psychology, statistics, and neuroscience).

This project will be mostly in Portuguese (occasionally some posts will be in Portuguese and English). I believe that even though science happens in English, it’s important to have content in different languages so it reaches more people. You can follow me on Instagram and Twitter  (mostly Portuguese content), but you can also follow my academic work on Research Gate.

If you would like to contact me you can send me an email to